How To Create A Successful Bedtime Routine For Your Kids with Monica Maldonado

This presentation will include strategies, tips, and tricks for creating successful bedtime routines and transforming your family from exhausted to refreshed.

Meet Monica Maldonado.



Monica Maldonado is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with Sleep Wise Consulting. She is married to Joel and they have a two year old son named Samuel. Joel and Monica live in Dallas, TX where Joel serves as a pastor at Gateway Church.


Monica’s sleep journey began in 2018. After experiencing a challenging first few months with Samuel, Monica reached out to Sleep Wise for help! Within two weeks, Samuel was sleeping 12 hours every night and taking beautiful naps during the day.


This really ignited a passion in Monica for helping families learn and implement healthy sleep habits—to the benefit of the entire family.


Her passion to help others stems from her years of serving and working in her church community. She truly enjoys walking with others and coaching them through life’s ups and downs. Every parent needs someone cheering them on!